How does the 5-gallon delivery service work?

First we need to assess your average consumption of 5-gallon bottled drinking water per week, we will then advice you how many bottles you will require to buy initially. This will include a refundable bottle deposit of BD2 per bottle. We will subsequently advice you on what day of the week we will deliver your water based on the area you live in.


The system of delivering Aqua Cool 5-Gallon Bottled Drinking Water to your home is based on buying Coupon Books. Each Coupon plus an empty Aqua Cool Bottle can be exchanged for one full bottle of Aqua Cool Drinking Water. New Coupon Books can be bought via the delivery driver, the sales executive or at the Aqua Cool office, and Coupon Books are available in 22 and 45 coupon formats. Buying a 45 Coupon Book will safe you some money per bottle compared to a 22 Coupon Book.


On the morning of the specific delivery day in your area, you just put the empty Aqua Cool bottle(s) at your front door with an Aqua Cool coupon in each one of the empty bottle. Please make sure the coupon doesn’t fall all the way inside the bottle, just at the neck part will be fine. Please note that depending on where you live the delivery can be as early as 6am in the morning. You don’t even need to be at home, you can just leave the empty Aqua Cool bottle(s) with the Aqua Cool Coupon(s) at an accessible place for our delivery team to make the exchange. It’s really that simple. We do advise all our customers to move the full bottles of Aqua Cool drinking water inside as soon as possible after the delivery, and to store the bottles in a Cool, Dry, and Odorless place.